It’s Coffee Time – A Hug in a Mug

It’s time to say say Thank You!

We’ve teamed up with 15 coffee shops on the Island to thank our island volunteers with a coupon for one free drip coffee.  Our island depends on volunteers.  There are at least 56 volunteer-driven not-for-profits working  in all service areas of our community and they rely on a combined number of 2300 volunteers.  That makes for one generous island!  Thank you to the following coffee shops for making Coffee Time possible:

TJ Beans

Fernwood Road Cafe

Salt Spring Mercantile

Rendezvous French Patisserie

Cafe Talia

Auntie Pesto’s Bistro

Jana’s Bake Shop

Country Grocer Roasters Cafe

Barb’s Bakery and Bistro

Grindhouse Coffee Shop

Embe Bakery

Vesuvius Cafe

Salt Spring Inn

Rock Salt Restaurant and Cafe

Penny’s Pantry on the Green

Our volunteers are indispensable.  Remember, you can’t pour from an empty cup.  Take this time of appreciation to fill your cup and allow our community to benefit from your overflow.


My late husband, Garnet, learned early in his life how important community was.  He was just 7 years old when he and his 2 younger siblings lost their mother and their father never really recovered.  They were a very poor Saskatchewan farm family.  The community stepped in and made sure that the children had what they needed, and Garnet always felt the need to “pay back”, which can really only be done by “paying forward”.  When he came to BC in his early 20’s, he quickly got involved as a volunteer firefighter, and throughout our married life, he always gave to his community in some way, later as a director for the SSI Farmers Institute and the SSI Farmland Trust.

 When I was growing up, volunteering was something that other people did.  It was simply not a part of what my family did.  So, Garnet really introduced me to the idea of nurturing one’s community.  Throughout our married life, following his example, I was always involved in something.  Girl Guides became my passion and after 32 years, it still is.  Part of our promise is to “take action for a better world”.

One of my personal goals is to help our girls to learn that volunteering is not something that just other people do – that no matter how much or little time or resources you have to give, it all makes a difference.  I have learned so much, and while the rewards are difficult to describe, they are very real.

The value of community was never so profound to me as when Garnet passed away.  After 5 years, I am still awed and overwhelmed by the support people have given to me.  I have met the most amazing people through volunteering.  Kerry Lee

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On July 1st, Saanich-Gulf Islands MP Elizabeth May recognized 80 islanders with a special achievement in volunteer hours as part of the events at the Canada Day Show and Shine.

VCR 150 for 150 Volunteer Challenge asked volunteers to commit to at least 150 hours of their time between from January 1st to July 1st, 2017.  When broken down, reaching 150 hours required a minimum of 5 hours per week over the 5-month period.  We found out that not only do many of our island volunteers give well beyond his amount per week, but a lot of them are giving to more than one organization!

Congratulations to the following 150 for 150 Volunteer Challenge Achievers:

Brittany Allan, Jill Bartle, Sarah Belknap, Charlene Beaudette, Joyce Beckman, Catherine Bennett, Michelle Bennett-Peters, Rasma Bertz, Merryl Cockett, Mary Coombes, Nancy Cote, Ernestine Crawford, Randy Cunningham, Gwen Denluck, Kathy Darling, Marion DeLaFranier, Joan Douglas, Catherine Eberle, Irina Floercke, Max Haffner,  Anna Haltrecht, Hayden Family Kids, Janet Halliwell, Shari Hambrook, Ellen Hazelboom, Deb Helicar, Roz Hobbs, John Howe, Damien Inwood, Robin Jekinson, Sandra Hyslop, Dorothy Kyle, Arnica Langevin, Kerry Lee, Marguerite Lee, Sue Lehman, Liesbeth Leatherbarrow, Dan Logan, Lorinne MacKenzie, Margaret MacKenzie, Peggy MacKenzie, Neil Martin, Bruce Marshall, Wendy McClean, Gwen McDonald, Donald McLennan, Amy Mcleod, Bernadette Mertens-McAllister, Dianne Moir, Gail Muise, Ann Muller, Margaret Munro, Sheryl Munro-Taylor, Melynda Okulitch, Pat O’Neill, Bob Oudenaarden, Stan Peters, Loretta Rithaler, Mark Rithaler, Anna Rithaler, William Rithaler, Paul Roberts, Greg Slakov, Donna Smith, Lois Sprague, Jim Standen, Lu Stevens, Sabine Swierrenga, Geri Teagle, John Teagle, Lynne Terry, Sheila Twa, Carolyn Walkner, Judith Wardell, Jean Williams, Rob Wilson, Kay Woodhouse, Victoria Woodman.



 Thank You to our Canada 150 for 150 Volunteer Challenge Partners!

Country Grocer, Salt Spring Classic and Antique Motor Club, Gulf Islands Driftwood

We would also like to acknowledge our prize donors:  Pharmasave, Island Optical, Guayaki Yerba Mate, Moby’s Pub, ArtSpring, Country Grocer, Windsor Plywood and Island Dental Centre.



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  • We are a volunteer hub for Salt Spring Island aimed at encouraging community involvement.

  • We provide a connecting point for organizations to network, build relationships, share experiences and gain knowledge that can help them better serve their communities and strengthen their own services.

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